Minimalist designer and interior architect, Olabumni Adeyemi studied design in both London and South Africa before establishing his own brand, the Da Brand, over a decade ago. Inspired by the Scandinavian and Japanese design styles, Adeyemi’s lifestyle products indicate a progressive shift in urban culture and craftsmanship in his nation. The pieces on display in this exhibition are derived from his very own ‘afrocentric movement’ called ‘ Afrominima’.These multifaceted designs are highly sculptural and simplistic in form and he uses the perfect equilibrium of colours, functionality and edginess to indicate african potential in the design industry.


Producing lifestyle products is Adeyemis’ way of contributing to the socio-economic improvement of Africa and the possibilities of creating products with sustainable material. “creating locally connects you with culture and innovative ways to create products that appeal to a global audience, producing locally also helps the environment with minimal use of chemicals and the use of sustainable materials to produce” - Bunmi Adeyemi