Originally from a Beninese and Ukrainian family, Dimitri Fagbohoun grew up in Cameroon before moving in France. His artistic research and the themes he explores in his installations are indicative of his own experience and his plural identity.


Evolving towards the reappropriation of the west African statuary figures in exile, he developed a project called Re-Collection, in which masterpieces of the African art known as classic are reproduced and staged by both himself and several craftsperson. 


Becoming hybrid, those forms enter into a new space of representation which integrates the significance of recapturing our own legacy while being part of creation and novelty.


Fadbohoun has participated in several exhibits including the Dakar Biennial (Senegal, 2012, 2018), as well as the Musée de la photographie, Saint-Louis (Senegal, 2018).